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8/23/06 06:58 pm - doyle_owl - pour one for a homey at sallyport

Freshmen, tonight at 11 you must go to Sallyport (that is the space inbetween westport and eastport, at odb) at 11.

Upper classmen will know what to do.

7/5/06 12:29 pm - _allesinside

1/30/06 06:29 pm - the_real_nlc - Backpack, anybody?

If you were up at the ski cabin on saturday-- specifically if you stopped in on saturday night, please double check to make sure that you didn't accidently pick up a black and grey north face backpack that does not belong to you. it's filled with, among other things, a reed id (belonging to rachel cooper), debit card, and medications, and its owner is pretty desperate to get it back. if you find you have it, please e-mail cooperra@reed.edu.

12/16/05 04:07 pm - lineline - FlashBack! Time Machine!

Just as Reed2008 said this about us, now we get to flashback a year (or at least those of us that were early, but still).....

re: http://www.livejournal.com/community/reed2010/

kids these days...

Everyone better have a Stupendously Handsome Break! : )

(scrumptious airport free wireless).



12/9/05 09:55 am - sneakynorris - Yes I know the community is basically dead...

...but I wanted to wish all of you good luck on finals! :)

Can you believe our first semester at Reed is almost over?

11/9/05 03:20 am - sporkyoracle - comfort!

i´m a lurker, but i´ve decided to expose myself (not that way) to get some reedieopinion on an idea.

i have a hammock in my room, and it is a source of great comfort and fun, and is an excellent place to reed...i mean read. i was sitting in it tonight and thinking that perhaps more reedies would like hammocks (i don´t mean lawn hammocks, i mean the kind you sleep in) to study/nap/construct-plans-for-world-domination in. it wouldn´t be too difficult to build a frame capable of supporting a hammock (i used my bed frame), and i´m sure i could get some funding to do so, as well as find a place for it.

is this a good idea worthy of pursuit or a flight of fancy? would you use a reedimock?

11/6/05 04:43 pm - eavanmoore - Hum Lecture

The explanation: I'm a sophomore taking the intro anthro class, and as part of a paper assignment I chose to observe and interpret the "ritual" that is Hum lecture. I'm interested in what purposes participating in Hum lecture serves, Hum-or non-Hum-related. I was initially interested because there were so many remarks last year on what it meant for us as a class to be together in one room and listening and responding to the same ideas; the significance of having cycling Hum lecturers; and the relative importance importance of Hum lectures to different students. You might be sick to death of talking about Hum, since you've been explaining it to everyone you know since before you arrived here. But...

The request: It would improve my paper to include as many personal observations as possible. I'd like to get a sense of
- why you come to Hum lecture
- how your social relations from outside Hum affect your experience or behavior during lecture
- your attitude toward the different lecturers (e.g. how much authority do they have? how much do you judge their performance, and on what criteria? does it make a difference when your own conference leader is lecturing?)
- do you feel that you're bonding with the rest of the class? if it is a unifying experience, how far does that unity go?

Those are just ideas; if there's anything I haven't covered, feel free to comment on it. I'd be happy enough if anyone offered a line or two. I am talking to freshmen individually, but I don't actually know all that many of you (shame, that) so I'm, uh, widening my nets. As it were.

Oh, yeah, it'll all be anonymous. So if I cite a particular remark, it'll be from "Informant B" or suchlike. Would it make a difference to what you say or how comfortable you are saying it if I screened comments??

10/12/05 12:38 pm - innerstate - Ride to SF for fall break?

Hi. My friend (Owen) is looking for a ride down to San Francisco. He wants to be in San Francisco by Sunday morning, so he'll have the day to spend there, whether that means leaving Saturday morning/afternoon/night, whenever. Would anyone who is driving down there be willing to help him out? He's willing to help pay for gas, buy candy (!) and maybe a magazine. And he's really good entertainment! So if you're driving down to SF and have room to spare/need a really great road companion, email him (kolasino AT reed DOT edu) or give him a call (914 391 0148) or reply to this post!

Thanks. =)

10/6/05 01:21 am - hicetubique

i'm not sure if it counts for anything, but i wanted to go ahead and give a big 'thank you!' to all the people out there at reed! the past few days were amazing. everything i imagined (and more, most definitely). i had a great time, and i hope to be seeing you all next fall.


10/4/05 05:13 am - reediemermaid - CD Exchange

So it took me a long time to get around to it but here it finally is...

A box in the Bragdon social room (1st floor) will be the trading grounds. Burn a CD (remember to put contact info on it) , trade it for a CD from the exchange Box, contact person on the afore mentioned CD and learn the tracklist. Then you return the CD and exchange it for another
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